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Scuba Diving at Nivati Lighthouse – Malvan


Age : 10+

Skill : Non-Swimmer

Pickup Time: 8.30 AM from Dive Centre

Dive Location : Nivati Lighthouse

Dive Time: 25 Minutes

Note: Water Activities time are mentioned into Brackets with Activities

Pay a deposit of 50% per item


Scuba Diving at Lighthouse is an original Scuba Diving experience. This diving gives you a truly scuba diving experience. In this package, it includes diving of 30 -40 minutes and the diver feels satisfied. For Scuba Diving at Portuguese Lighthouse Video click here.

Where is Lighthouse Dive Site in Malvan?

Lighthouse is also called Portuguese Island or British Lighthouse. It has lied in the middle of the sea. Lighthouse is called heaven on earth. visitors enjoy the panoramic view from the lighthouse. This place is not to be missed for Malvan Trip. This lighthouse is guided by a thousand ships for direction in past time which takes place by modern technology. Today Still some people are staying there with Portuguese memory.

How is the Scuba Diving at Lighthouse?

There are lots of fishes and other marine life here. We will suggest if anyone wants to really explore underwater then go for Lighthouse Scuba Diving and if it is not within the budget then go for Scuba Diving at Tarkarli.

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