Malvan Explorer

Scuba Diving at Sarjekot – Malvan


Age : 10+

Skill : Non-Swimmer

Pickup Time: 8.30 AM

Dive Location : Rock Garden

Dive Time: 10 Minutes

Note: Water Activities time are mentioned into Brackets with Activities.

Pay a deposit of 50% per item


Scuba Diving at Sarjekot – Malvan is less famous compare to other places. Sarjekot is located very near to Malvan. It is famous for Sarjekot Fort.  During Sarjekot Scuba Diving you can explore varities of fishes. There are very less reef corals in Sarjekot Dive Sites compare to Malvan.

Malvan is the best place for Scuba Diving and there many coral reefs in Malvan. There are so many dive sites in Malvan. Along with Scuba Diving at Sarjekot, Tarkali is also a beautiful location and it is nearer to Sidhudurg Fort. People can enjoy scuba diving at Tarkali also.

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