Scuba Diving at Kolamb Beach – Rock Garden

scuba diving at kolamb beach

Scuba Diving at Kolamb Beach is a good place to try Diving for the first time. Kolamb is located near Malvan. It is famous for its environment on the beach. It is a very less crowded beach so one can feel like a private beach. Here Scuba Diving is like experience Scuba Diving. One will […]

Scuba Diving at Sarjekot

scuba diving at kolamb beach

Scuba Diving at Sarjekot – Malvan is less famous compare to other places. Sarjekot is located very near to Malvan. It is famous for Sarjekot Fort.  During Sarjekot Scuba Diving you can explore varities of fishes. There are very less reef corals in Sarjekot Dive Sites compare to Malvan. Malvan is the best place for […]

Scuba Diving at Malvan Fort

scuba diving at malvan

Scuba Diving at Malvan is the best recreation activity ever. Malvan is famous for Sindhudurg Fort, Malvani masala, Water Sports and Scuba Diving. Malvan is a town in Sindhudurg District. It is surrounded by hills and some types of trees. Malvan has good marine life. It is the best place for the first time diving. […]

Scuba Diving at Devbag

Scuba Diving at Vasco da Gama

Scuba Diving at Devbag Starts from 1400/- Age : 10+ Skill Level: Non-Swimmer Pickup Time: 8 AM Dive Location: Devbag Dive Duration: 20 Minutes CALL US ENQUIRY BOOK NOW Devbag is one of the off-beat locations, less explored destinations. Hence, this leaves us with a lot more to explore with the very little crowd. Devbag […]

Scuba Diving in Tarkarli Beach

Scuba diving in Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli is a small village in Maharashtra. Tarkarli beach is known for its white sand and clear beach. Tarkarli Beach is declared as queen of beaches in Konkan region. Scuba Diving at Tarkarli Beach is famous among tourists as well as local people. Water Activities is one of the to-do things during. the visit of […]

Scuba Diving at Chivla Beach

Scuba Diving at chivla beach

Scuba Diving at Chivla Beach is all fun diving. Chivla is a small town near Malvan. Chivla beach is like private beach and the hidden beauty of Malvan. This beach is clean and famous for its blue water. Anyone can see so many species in Chivla Beach. Except for Chivla beach, Scuba diving at Sindhudurg […]

Discover Scuba Diving at Lighthouse

Scuba diving at Light house - malvan

Scuba Diving at Lighthouse is an original Scuba Diving experience. This diving gives you a truly scuba diving experience. In this package, it includes diving of 30 -40 minutes and the diver feels satisfied. For Scuba Diving at Portuguese Lighthouse Video click here. Where is Lighthouse Dive Site in Malvan? Lighthouse is also called Portuguese […]

Discover Scuba Diving at Coral Garden – Malvan

scuba diving at coral garden - malvan

Why Scuba Diving at Coral Garden – Malvan? Scuba Diving at Coral Garden – Malvan is the best diving site in Malvan. Coral Garden is situated in Malvan near Sindhudurg Fort. This dive site named Coral Garden because here there are varieties of coral reefs you can see. Soft Corals, Table Corals,  and artificial corals. […]