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Things to know before First Scuba Diving in Malvan

Scuba Diving is the best recreation activity and everyone has to try it once in a lifetime. Scuba Diving is a fun activity and it is extreme sports and very dangerous also. So, before going for the dive. There are many things which you have to keep in mind before going Scuba Diving in Malvan. Below is the list of things that keep in mind before going Scuba Diving. 

1. Don’t run after Price 

Don’t fall for offers and less price offered by guide and Shop. If they provide offers and less price doesn’t mean it is a good dive center. Always put your safety on first priority. Saving money is good but not at the risk of your life.

Keep in mind that You always get what you paid. So,  this is the reason why you get somewhere at a low price. 

2. How to Select Which Dive Centre to choose? 

  • Always ask for Dive Centre is licensed by at least one of the Diving Regulation Body (PADI/SSI) and it is not the same as Fisherman License 
  • Ensure you are not co-sharing your mouthpiece, Alternate air supply mask, and BCD (Gas Tank) with anyone, not even your Divemaster 
  • Ensure you attend proper training and pay attention to the instructor and divemaster 
  • Ensure to do paperwork before go for Diving 

3. Don’t afraid to ask questions 

Before the book, your dive with anyone ask all the questions. Don’t afraid to ask questions before you are paying not for diving only but for your safety also. Below are some questions which you can ask before book your dive. 

  • Is your Dive Centre is Certified? If yes, Then by whom Certification did? (e.g. PADI/SSI) 
  • Are you doing Paper Work before Scuba Diving? 
  • Ask them How often they service their equipment? 
  • If they are giving a swimming pool or confined water training? 

Keep in mind all these things before your first dive. If you have proper training then you can enjoy diving. Make sure to select a good dive center so you are in safe hands and not to worry about your personal safety and the safety of your loved ones.

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