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If you are basically adventurous then you should definitely experience scuba diving in Malvan. You may have visited a lot of places and done a lot of adventurous activities, but the Malvan experience will remain a lifetime memory. It is one of the total 8 talukas of the district named Sindhudurg. This is a perfect place to make good use of your holidays as it is an attractive place with its beautiful scenery and backwaters and adventure sites. This place attracts the younger crowd. People prefer to visit this place between October to April. Those who love adventurous aquatic sports will not miss out to do scuba diving in Malwan. If you want to get a closer look at the rich aquatic life and touch the variety of stones, it is worth jumping into the blue waters of Tarkarli. Apart from scuba diving, some other adventure sports are also available in Malwan such as bumper rides, banana rides, and jet-skiing. However, scuba diving is one of the water activities that made this town famous. 

Dr. Sarang Kulkarni is a researcher in marine biology, according to him, this unique marine life of the Coral Coast region is a natural treasure. In fact, when he started researching, he was amazed to see the diversity of marine life in the waters around Sindhudurg Fort and Chivla Beach. Dr. Sarang gave special training to the people living here to discover the beauty under the water so that they can move forward with the profession as a guide to scuba divers and snorkeling. MTDC has also planned a scuba center at Tarkarli, especially for the convenience of tourists. It offers introductory and advances courses for tourists.  

How can we ignore the age limit? But luckily over here minimum age limit is 10 years. So don’t worry, bring your kids here too and let them take a divine experience of diving. Let them explore underwater rocks, Sargassum seaweeds, corals, and various colorful fish.  

This program is designed keeping in mind the interests of the tourists. In which few basic principles for tourists, some exercises in shallow water and a not-so-deep dive with an experienced instructor.  

How to Reach Malvan?

Malvan is well connected through road travel and buses from all major cities and towns including Panaji (111 km), Nandgaon (61 km), Vagade (45 km), Amboli (100 km), and Kudal (25 km).

To reach by flight Dabolim International Airport is the nearest airport which is 85 km from Malvan.

1. Scuba Diving in Tarkarli

The most famous place for scuba diving in Malwan is Tarkarli. Tourists visit this place for its underwater beauty. While enjoying this water sport you can see a rich aquatic life in addition to coral reefs and a variety of fish. It offers you a quiet role in the depths of the ocean away from everyday noise. The estimated cost of scuba diving on Tarkali Beach is Rs.1000 to Rs.2000. This water activity is a delight not only for couples but also for children. In a way, you will experience marine life in your real life which you may have heard from someone or seen pictures in a book or in a movie.   

2. Scuba Diving in Devbagh Beach

Devbagh Beach is known as a beautiful beach in Konkan and it is located in the city of Malvan. It is quite near to Tsunami Island. From there you can easily reach Devbagh by boat. It’s about 3 km far from Bhogave Beach. 

Devbagh Beach is located right next to Tarkarli Beach. Devbagh Sangam is the southernmost part of Devbagh and the confluence of the river Karli in the Arabian Sea.  

3. Scuba Diving in Chivla Beach

Scuba diving is nothing special; it just involves diving underwater along with a tank filled with compressed air. Scuba divers can swim underwater for a long time. That tank is a large metal cylinder made of steel or aluminum. The fins are attached to the legs of the scuba divers so that they can easily swim underwater. Malvan is a place where you will have plenty of opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving.  

The water here is warm and clear and is rich with various sea creatures. That guarantees you the best and the pre-eminent scuba diving and snorkeling in the Indian subcontinent. The primary location for snorkeling in Maharashtra is the Southern part of Sindhudurg Fort.  It will be India’s paradise-like probable diving destination.  

4. Scuba Diving at Sarjekot

It is famous for Sarjekot Fort. Sarjekot Island is located in Malvan. Over there the purity and visibility of the water are much better than in other places. So it can be said that it is the best place for scuba diving. There you will see many different kinds of fish while you are scuba diving. You will also find some combo packages of scuba diving and water sports at Sarjekot Island at Malvan. Technically there are two different places for scuba diving and water sports.  

5. Scuba Diving at Kolamb Beach

For those who love scuba diving, Malvan Marine Sanctuary is just 1 km away from Kolamb Beach, which is famous for scuba diving. Kolamb Beach is the best place for those who are trying scuba diving for the first time. They provide good guidance to visitors for scuba diving. So that visitors can see the aqua creatures up close and also experience the natural beauty of the underwater. Apart from scuba diving, some other water sports are also available here like parasailing, banana ride, jetski, and bumpy ride. As in every place, safety is of paramount importance over here. All of these rides are open to all, including young people to senior citizens. 

6. Scuba Diving at Coral Garden 

Coral Garden is situated near Sindhudurg Fort in Malvan. The scuba diving experience at Coral Garden is a must because here you can see different types of fish and diversified marine life.   

Coral garden has a quality of worth to its name. It is home to a wonderful and diverse group of coral species. Table corals, plate corals, cabbage corals, artificial corals, and some soft and colored corals are also found here. Due to Deacon Reef, Coral Garden is considered to be a number one dive site. Stunning hard corals are its specialty, which is exactly in shallow water. It is a place without waves. It is definitely connected to the sandy bay area. Here in the cove the sand starts at 3 m and provides conditions like a swimming pool. It is excellent for open water skills training. This site is extraordinary for divers. The short swim then leads to the Coral Garden which gradually goes up to 12 meters. It is home to an array of colorful reef fish. However, large stingrays are sometimes found in the nearby sandy seabed.  

You will also find some options for scuba diving packagers over there. In which you will be trained in confined water so that you feel comfortable under the water. And you can experience Marine life without any fear. You will also get a special package for scuba diving in which scuba diving timing will be 20 minutes. They will also provide you SCUBA safety during diving underwater. It is also a PADI Dive Centre so it is the safest place for scuba diving. 

  •  How to reach there? 

For scuba diving at Coral Garden, you have to reach Dandi Beach. In some packages, pick-up and drop facilities will be available with extra charges. They also provide pickup drop facilities from Calangute, Baga, Anjuna, Arpora junction, Candolim, and Panaji. From North Goa to Malvan is approx 100 km away. It is a whole day activity from Goa so mostly they provide breakfast and lunch also. You will surely enjoy this deep-sea diving trip. Apart from scuba diving packages, you will also get some water sports packages.  

7. Scuba Diving at Lighthouse

Scuba diving at the Lighthouse will be a delightful experience for you. This diving will actually give you the experience of scuba diving. 

There are two main lighthouses near Goa. One of them is known as the Portuguese Lighthouse and another is known as British Lighthouse.  It is a historical place. In the British era, it is called burnt Island. Right now guards stay there and people can visit the lighthouse. It is situated in the middle of the sea. 

Cost of Scuba Diving in Malvan 

The cost of Scuba Diving in Malvan depends on which dive site you select and the vendor. The prices are also different according to their service, training, and dive center.

Depending on these factors best place to dive in Malvan is the Lighthouse and the most affordable place to dive is Coral Garden, both of them are in Malvan. Both places can reach by boat only.

Scuba Diving Prices

Non-swimmers can do scuba diving easily and it is for beginners also. Below are the price of scuba Diving in Malvan, but if you want scuba diving and water sports with pickup and drop and other inclusion then maybe the price will different.

Diving Place Scuba Dive Type Difference Price (In Rupees) 
Tarkarli Discover Diving Swimming Pool Training 1500/- 
Lighthouse Discover Diving Swimming Pool Training 2500/- 
Sindhudurg Fort Site Normal Diving Shallow Water Training at Dive Site 500/- 
Chivla BeachNormal Diving Shallow Water Training at Dive Site 500/- 
DevbagNormal DivingShallow Water Training at Dive Site700/-
Coral GardenNormal DivingShallow Water Training at Dive Site800/-
Sarjekot Normal DivingShallow Water Training at Dive Site600/-
Kolamb BeachNormal DivingShallow Water Training at Dive Site600/- 

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